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Future Workforce Alliance

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The Future Workforce Alliance is a network of community partners who are willing to support high school and post-secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and allow them to share their expertise and information about their industry, while also developing a high-quality talent pipeline for their company/organization.

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Contact Kaleb Smith,, 618-731-8161

Our area's youth are your future workforce. Students often first look for jobs with companies they know and with which they are familiar. If they don’t have a family member/friend working for your company, they may have never heard of your business or may not realize the types of jobs that are available in your company.

​​Hosting tours, providing job shadowing or apprenticeship opportunities, or having employees come to classrooms to speak to students about their careers in your business are all ways to help students become more familiar with your company. Providing these opportunities will not only help connect your company with our future employees, but it will also allow our teachers to learn more about your company and ensure that their programs are meeting your needs.